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27/08/2011 - Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show - Ramsay won the Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed and Working Group 4.

The Working Group Judge, Jan Rual's critique read:

G4 the Leonberger, Clunkamoor Last Word for Wasserhund, excellent head & eye, excellent neck & topline, solid, powerful male, moved extremely well for such a heavy dog, in beautiful coat & condition.

John Feehan (Manorguard) - Breed Specialist - critique read:

CC & BOB. Bell's Clunkamoor Last Word for Wasserhund, powerfully built in top class condition & not far off his best, super head & expression, correct shaped dark eyes & level bite, excellent bone, perfect front assembly with good reach of neck, nice tight feet, lovely balance with correct hind angulation, powered round the ring holding a level topline & correct tail carriage at all times. Every dog has his day & this was this dog's day and I counldn't fault him & was delighted when he was awarded G4.

Selkirk & District Canine Society Open Show - Ramsay won AVNSC Open, Group 1 and Best in Show. Ramsay has only been to 4 Open Shows this year and has gone Best in Show twice and won Group 3 at his first show of 2011.

Clunkamoor Last Word for Wasserhund (Ramsay) Best in Show Selkirk & District Caninie Society - Judge Pat Burgess. Mrs. Burgess' critique read: WORKING NSC. " 1 Bell's Clunkamoor Last Word For Wasserhund, Leonberger, it was my privilege and pleasure to make the acquaintance of this gorgeous gentle giant. Wonderful head & skull with black mask & correctly set feathered ears, eyes were dark & intelligent & friendly, substance & marvellous bone structure, powerful & muscular who for all his great size could move with dignity & grace with a show of great strength, shown to perfection by a knowledgeable handler. Must surely achieve his crown. Group 1, BIS."

November 2011 at the Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland, Ramsay gained his second CC with Best of Breed under the judge Joan Rushby (Jocolda), a Breed Specialist.

16.01.2012 Ramsay and I attended the Small Animal Hospital at Glasgow to have the goniology test carried out on his eyes for glaucoma. These tests took over 45 minuntes during which he sat like a wee angel and allowed the vet and 4 students to peer into his eyes with all sorts of instruments and never turned a hair. He has a temperament to die for and I cannot thank his breeder Janet Nash enough for allolwing this boy to come to live with us.  Much to my relief Ramsay pronounced clear for glaucoma.

October 2011 at Midland Counties Championship Show, Ramsay gained his third CC from June Miles (Jaybiem), a Breed Specialist. Subject to Kennel Club confirmation Ramsay is now a champion.

June Miles (Jaybiem) - Breed Specialist - critique read

1. Bell's Clunkamoor Last Word for Wasserhund JW ShCM. Another dog that impressed with his calm, confident manner. Dignified. Super outline, balanced. Mouth good. Ears well feathered (again a breed requirement that is somewhat lacking in many exhibits.) On the run round he appeared to drop on his shoulder, so I moved him again at a walk and he was sound. The walking of the Leonberger tends to show up faults that may not be apparent otherwise. On this basis and due to his superb breed type I awarded him the CC.